Practice Area: BVA Real Estate Law

In this new practice area, the Firm advises national and foreign corporations in all types of real estate developments, such as shopping malls and residential and office space, from the initial conception of the project to their marketing.

The Firm has acquired extensive experience in negotiating all types of contracts related to the acquisition, sale and development of real estate property, its tax planning and development, in such a way that it allows optimizing the resources of the investor.

Due to the experience and professional support of our new partner, the Firm has managed to be part of real estate developments that have generated and contributed to the development of cities throughout the region, all under the strong commitment to the environment and new market trends.

  • Leases and all types of legal structures related to real estate assets
  • Contracts in relation to private investment in real estate projects.
  • Sale and acquisition of real estate assets.
  • Obtaining permits and construction licenses, national and municipal, focused on urban.
  • development and environmental legislation.
  • Creation of all types of private property regimes.
  • Resolution of complex issues before the Public Registry.