Practice Areas

This is the Firm’s area of major activity.  We advise all kinds of companies from different sectors of the country’s economic activity: banking and finance, carbonated and alcoholic beverages, oil and energy, electricity, technology, land transportation, engineering and construction, among others.

Our main area of service is oriented towards the development of a company’s day to day operations, from drafting contracts in their specific areas of activity, to relationships with their employees, financing, law and regulation’s compliance, operating permits and everything that involves their daily activity.

In this new practice area, the Firm advises national and foreign corporations in all types of real estate developments, such as shopping malls and residential and office space, from the initial conception of the project to their marketing.

The Firm has acquired extensive experience in negotiating all types of contracts related to the acquisition, sale and development of real estate property, its tax planning and development, in such a way that it allows optimizing the resources of the investor.

Due to the experience and professional support of our new partner, the Firm has managed to be part of real estate developments that have generated and contributed to the development of cities throughout the region, all under the strong commitment to the environment and new market trends.

The experience acquired throughout the years, has allowed the Firm to advise national and foreign banks and financial institutions, both private and public, in the drafting and negotiation of financial contracts, investment banking operations, debt structuring and restructuring and financial institutions mergers and acquisitions.

The Firm has advised the purchase, merger and/or restructuring of banks, power distribution companies, telecommunications corporations, manufacturing companies, and so on.


The Firm has advised issuances in national and foreign exchanges, particularly in New York, London, Luxembourg, Ireland, Panama and El Salvador. Debt securities and securitizations have been issued, under the different rules and regulations governing the matter.

The Firm has advised several industries in the sector, from electricity generators, to traders and distributors.  It has also advised organizations responsible for the administration of the regional electricity markets as well as regulators, non-governmental organizations responsible for the formulation of policies applicable to distribution, regional interconnection, taxes, transmission rights, and so on.

Rendering advice on all tax and customs matters; identifying opportunities that allow reducing tax exposures, etc.

Experts in: tax consulting, tax litigation, related constitutional recourses (stays, contentious administrative, violation of constitutional rights), transfer prices, municipal taxes and restructuring, among others.

From its early start, Benjamín Valdez & Asociados advised one of the most important oil companies operating in El Salvador in all its upstream and downstream operations, that is: from oil imports and refining to the distribution of gasoline, diesel, grease, aviation fuels, lubricants and other petroleum products to final consumers.

The quality of our service made us deserve the trust of the new owners of this operation, who in 2012 acquired all the assets of our original client.  In addition, we advise the new owners and their subsidiaries regarding compliance with their legal obligations, regulatory environment, with regards to the distribution, deposit, transportation and marketing of petroleum products in the country.

The Firm has advised entities regulated by the Anti-Money Laundering Act in their registration and accreditation process at the Financial Investigation Unit of the Attorney General’s Office, providing support in the elaboration of policy manuals, due diligence procedures to audit adequate observance and acting as external advisors to compliance officers; as well as training client’s staff in the application of the laws related to this matter and internal regulations that prevent the company from being utilized for money laundering activities.